THE TEAM


Shelter Entertainment was founded by 17 year William Morris Agency veteran, VP and multiple department head Alan Iezman in 1995. Iezman led the TV talent department for many years before moving into the Motion Picture talent department, and running it as well.  Iezman has been involved in the careers of Academy Award winners Tom Hanks and Robin Williams, nominees Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton. Iezman has been/is also involved in representing John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, Howie Mandel, Terry Farrell, George Eads, Benjamin Bratt, multiple Emmy nominee Gail O'Grady, Valerie Bertinelli, Victoria Principal and many, many others. Alan continues to nurture and further the careers of Shelter's talented clientele.


Veteran manager Ray McKigney heads up the branding, licensing and merchandising department for Shelter.  Among many other accomplishments, he is responsible for the packaging and tremendous success of the Daisy Fuentes line of products at Kohl's.


Another William Morris veteran, Andrew Howard got his start as a motion picture agent at ICM-NY.  Howard has been/is involved in the careers of numerous actors such as Diane Lane, Christopher Walken, Mario Van Peebles, Vincent D'Onofrio, Hal Linden, Delta Burke and Bess Armstrong.  In the literary arena, his clients have included Robert Roy Pool, Norm Gunzenhauser and Jim Manera, among others.  He has been involved in setting up various feature projects, which include "American History X", "New Jack City" and "Johnny Suede".  Howard continues to represent writers, directors and actors.  He is an Executive Producer of the Lifetime Movie "A Moment in Time".


Tim Angle started as an agent in New York.  He co-headed the New York office of Triad Artists (later bought by and merged with The William Morris Agency).  He relocated to Los Angeles in 1990 and was named co-head of Triad's feature talent department and a Vice President.  He then opened the Los Angeles office of Don Buchwald and Associates in 1992.  He was President of Buchwald until May of 2011, when he left to join Shelter.  Tim has worked with many successful and talented actors, including Vince Vaughn, Angie Harmon, Ron Perlman and Martin Donovan.